Yatter Screengrab Unique Menu

Unique Menu System

Our Canvas and Settings overlay menu’s add to the docked dual menu system to allow instant access to any part of the system. It may be a bit overwhelming when you first use it but once you get the hang of it then your actions become lightening.

The center of the screen is darkened because the Canvas and Settings menu are dominant and will lock out the main canvas. Both menu’s are open in this screen shot which is quite unusual.

Underneath the darkness lies our quickstart help grid. Clicking any of the options will direct you to the task you have selected.

Click the top left to View Guides, Watch Videos or Replay Guide. The button at the top right starts a chat conversation with our support team. Please note we are not big enough to offer 24 hour support. Sorry.


For more information on the functionality displayed please see our Guide to Navigation. It contains a more detailed explanation of the three core navigation menu’s that are the primary way of getting around Yatter.