Yatter Screenshot Twitter Tweet

Tweeting on Twitter

This screen shot shows the Twitter Tweet input bar on the right and in the canvas you can see a Twitter specific Content view. This Tweet has passed two of the three required inputs by selecting a profile, time but not some content.

You can also see the Add Tag and Insert Link buttons inside the content authoring area.

Yatter supports Tweeting, Retweeting, Liking and Replying on Twitter. The content view on the Canvas shows some of these occurrences and the day that they are occurring.

Twitter is a great news platform and critical to maintaining your activity. The Twitterati will check your feed to check your activity and be wondering if you are still in business if they don’t see activity. Keep the feed flowing using the partnering and sharing capabilities of Yatter.


For more information on the functionality displayed please see our Guide to Scheduling Content. It contains a more detailed explanation of the process involved in first creating content and then scheduling interaction.