Yatter Screenshot Retweet

Doing a Retweet

Being able to schedule a Retweet on Yatter is our killer feature. Push the button and you can schedule a Retweet. It’s really that simple!

All that is required is that you select the correct profile you wish to use and click the button. Interaction is scheduled much the same way as other content.

The Like window is very similar to this as well. Notice your ability to choose which profiles and when after the content posts.

Be aware that likes, retweets or comments can be deleted by the content owner if they do not think they are appropriate. At all stages the content author who created the original content is in control. They should and do have the right of moderation on their own content on Yatter.


For more information on the functionality displayed please see our Guide to Scheduling Content. It contains a more detailed explanation of the process involved in first creating content and then scheduling interaction.