Yatter Screenshot Profiles

Profile Management

This is a screen shot from the Manage Profiles view within Yatter. It shows all the current social media profiles that are being managed by the platform and allows a user to edit and control their settings and access rights.

On the left of this screen shot is an incredibly important input bar. It controls the settings and defaults for the profile. Setting default Visibility, Listings and Interests can really help your syndicate your content better through the Yatter platform.

Please note that for security reasons we default all accounts to 28 days. This is to protect access to your social media profiles (a subject we take very seriously at Yatter). The platforms themselves enforce this and we have no say in the matter. We still think its a good security measure, even if it does mean having to re-authorise your profiles occasionally.


For more information on the functionality displayed please see our Guide to Managing Profiles. It contains a more detailed explanation of how you connect your social media profiles to Yatter.