Yatter Screenshot Imaging

Image Canvas

Imaging and media are at the core of Yatter. Yatter allows you to preload your imaging into our platform and make it available simply and quickly at a later date. Browse your imaging for inspiration for content. This screen shot shows a gallery being displayed. The side bar is a list of galleries.

You can click each of the images and immediately start a post, tweet or update with it. If you are looking for inspiration to write some content then browsing through your gallery imaging is a great way of coming up with something. We also store your imaging and media in a format that is ready for social media.

All of your galleries can be shared with your partners and this provides an excellent way of distributing brand and event imaging.


For more information on the functionality displayed please see our Guide to Imaging and Galleries. It contains a more detailed explanation of the process involved in loading media into Yatter and how you can navigate and find imaging.