Yatter Screenshot Galleries

Galleries & Imaging

Your imaging is organised into galleries on Yatter. This screen shot shows the available galleries and the quantity of media within them. The side bar is the upload bar used to load new media into Yatter.

Galleries are at the heart of Yatter. Preloading all your media into Yatter in one go makes authoring content so much quicker. We also support video up to a limit of 50MB. No more fussing around trying to find that image you found three months ago. It’s in one of your galleries, now where did I put it?

Additionally you can share your galleries with your partners. This is an ideal way to control your brand while also ensuring that your close allies have easy access to high quality imaging when they want to talk about you. By providing that imaging it means they are more likely to do just that.


For more information on the functionality displayed please see our Guide to Imaging and Galleries. It contains a more detailed explanation of the process involved in loading media into Yatter and how you can navigate and find imaging.