Yatter Screenshot Chat

Conversations and Chat

Yatter includes a facility for Partners to chat. This screen shot shows two open conversations in the main canvas and the conversations bar on the right.

Within chat it is possible to drop content for specific highlighting or discussion. Chat in Yatter is very open and many participants may see what you send. The first of the conversations on the canvas involves 4 participants and each organisation may have multiple users.

By keeping in touch with your partners through chat you are able to better arrange and improve the quality of your content. If a partner does a type of post that really suits your message then let them know. We are fairly sure at Yatter that they will be happy to do more. Likewise feedback and also further information can be gleaned from chatting to partners.

We think it is one of the most powerful features of Yatter.


For more information on the functionality displayed please see our Guide to Partnering. It contains a more detailed explanation of the process involved in establishing a partnership and also how to initiate chat with someone you are partnered with.