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Yatter Screenshot Dualbar

Dual Bar Input

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Twitter Tweet

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Partner Management

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Unique Menu System

Dual Bar

As you can see from the screenshots the Yatter platform has a unique Dual Bar interface that allows simultaneous authoring on multiple platforms at the same time. We hope this unique approach gives a more flexible and rapid authoring experience. It makes selecting, writing and displaying that much easier.

Browsable Experience

Yatter is all about Collaboration. In order to be able to browse and search for Partner content the user interface has to be much cleaner and intuitive than a simple tool. From the outset we started to design a Platform that could allow interaction, collaboration but most importantly a friendly user experience. We are still fine tuning this while adding features so always appreciate your input.

Material Design

We love Google’s Material Design. If you want to find out more about this superb design standard then please see The framework it provides allows us to give a unified user experience across all devices that works just as well on a desktop as it does on a phone. We quite like the tablet styling as well.