1. The Basics

How Does It Work

Yatter is a scheduling tool that is also a social network. It allows you to interact with other users content prior to posting on Twitter.

Can everyone see my tweets?

No. We let you control the visibility of who see’s your scheduled Tweets. Most people show their regular content only to Partners or keep it Private.

But, I can show it to whoever I want?

Yes, you can choose the option to schedule your Tweets as Public and everyone can see them. Feel free to show off your non-sensitive content as it is a good way to meet new Partners.

Why would I want someone to see my stuff early?

Yatter not only previews, it allows you to schedule a like, reply or retweet. We are simply offering you a preview of something that will happen later. It’s your choice what you wish to engage with. This ability is ideal for collaborations.

It's kinda like a preview thing?

Yup. We let you schedule your Tweets just like all the other tools but we are a social network ourselves. We let you schedule your interaction, but it’s still interaction.

So you're not a bot then?

No. We do not allow any form of automation, only original content and genuine interaction. We are a social network and we seek to uphold the standards of the other platforms. We are, however, still a young service and refining our features is an ongoing process. We appreciate your input.

And all this benefits me how?

At the moment, you have to email, phone, text and generally hassle all your buddies to get them to like and comment on your Twitter feed. Now you can just show them it in advance and they can schedule what they would have done anyway. By giving them more time to see your content, you increase the likelihood of gaining extra interactions.

2. Your Privacy

What data do you read from my Twitter accounts?

We try to read the absolute bare minimum. Currently, that’s your account name, tag and profile image. Nothing else. We don’t look at your tweets, we don’t analyse your history. We are about authoring original content. For users who opt into our analytics package, we will analyse your account for general analytics; primarily the number of interactions your content has received and the estimated reach.

But you store the posts I make through Yatter?

Currently, we retain your posts for 3 months. Any imaging in a Gallery is retained indefinitely but other imaging is also removed. We don’t encourage or support re-posting but concede it may be a feature people want.

So you don't access my account to make me follow you or like you?

We never do anything with your Twitter account unless you instruct us to do it. Nothing on Yatter happens automatically without your explicit request. We do not generate content and we don’t like, retweet, follow or friend on Twitter without you choosing to do it. At all stages, we are simply trying to replicate on the chosen platform whatever action you have done to our platform.

Do you sell my information to third party marketers?

We do not share your information with anyone. Currently, we do not allow any external API access and have no plans to do so. Originally we envisaged Yatter as a paid service and changed it to free. We have absolutely no intention of making money from this.

But if I give you my email will I get loads of spam?

We don’t give your email to anyone nor will your personal login email ever be shown to anyone on the platform. We display your organisations public facing email address (so people can contact your business) but never the email you use to login with. Our platform will email you when others chat or try to partner with you and that is enough contact to ensure we are still here if you need us. We do intend on rolling out an (entirely optional) newsletter at some stage to our users.

3. Features

What is it you do again?

We are a scheduler. We let you type your Tweets and Posts into our platform first and then you tell us a time in the future. Our computer systems then post the content for you at the time you specified. It’s delayed posting.

How does that make you a social network?

There are other tools out there that do this already. What we do is we allow the Tweets that have not yet posted to Twitter be previewed by people who you are Partnered with. These Partners can then schedule a Reply, Like or Retweet to happen on your tweets shortly after they load. It’s the same process you would normally go through on Twitter in that you author and browse content but we let you do it in advance. At all stages it’s your decision, we never do anything automatically.

So, you are not a spamming tool then?

Absolutely not. We have interaction on our platform through Partnering and Chat. This makes your standard of behaviour important as other people can see what you are doing. If you try to spam it’s really obvious on Yatter. We also don’t want our platform filling up with junk. We are a social network, we really are. We even have Rules (see below).

Will you let me upload all my posts from a spreadsheet?

No, sorry we won’t. We do’t have any functionality within the system for repetitive content. Twitter have been forceful in their message to the social media community that they do not support automatic content and we are 100% behind such an initiative. Our platform is about being able to author high-quality content that can be fine-tuned with other Partners equally high-quality content. We are all about original authoring and always will be. Quality over quantity.

So you don't do everything the other tools do?

We simply don’t see ourselves as a marketing tool. If you want to do Twitter and have a group of friends who often get involved then this is a great way of co-ordinating it.

Do you offer a full suite of management tools for my social media then?

We don’t. We are not a tool, we are a platform. We have adapted many of the principles of scheduling and turned them into a social network. Many of our users still continue to use analytical and interaction tools to help with social media management but our role is in the authoring and scheduling part. Once your content has left our queue we suggest you then use the destination platform to further interact with responses you get. Any additional tools you use are at your own discretion.

4.Partnering and Interaction

How do I partner with someone else?

You can make an offer of Partnership to anyone on Yatter. You can select Find Partners and our algorithm will try to select appropriate Partners for you. You can also click the bar at the bottom of a displayed content item and this will open details about the Author. If their content is the type you would regularly interact with then there is an Offer Partnership button on the details screen.

What happens when someone becomes my Partner?

Partners can see any scheduled content that you have in your queue that is marked Partner Only. You can also select your content to be Public or Private. Partners can also initiate chat with each other to discuss what they are scheduling.

So who am I having a Chat with then?

Yatter is designed for multiple Users to work as a team within an Organisation. When you initiate Chat between your Organisation and a Partner all the Users within each can see the Chat. The conversation may also be between multiple Partners. If three Partners each have five users and they initiate Chat together then fifteen people will be involved in the conversation. If you initiate Chat with a large company or agency there may be dozens of individuals who can read the things you type.

So what is an Organisation?

In Yatter we organise everything around your Organisation. Your Yatter account is your Organisation and you login with a User account that is part of an Organisation. When your Partner on Yatter your Organisation is partnering with another Organisation. It is designed like this so that groups of people can work together as a team and then let teams work together when they partner.

What is the best way to get loads of Partners?

Well first of all we would suggest that you don’t need lots of Partners. Yatter gets very busy with even a moderate amount of Partners. A reasonable amount of suitable Partners who are happy to interact regularly will gain the best results.The best way to get Partners is to Invite new Supporters from your regular circle of social contacts outwith Yatter. If you are happy to vouch for them then we would love for them to be on the platform. Anyone you Invite as a Supporter automatically becomes your partner. If you are looking to meet Partners within Yatter then browse through some of the Public or Interest related content and find someone who is outputting content you like. If you think your content would work well with their output then offer them a partnership.

So I don’t invite all my staff as separate Organisations?

In Yatter we organise everything around your Organisation. Your Yatter account is your Organisation and you login with a User account that is part of an Organisation. When your Partner on Yatter your Organisation is partnering with another Organisation. It is designed like this so that groups of people can work together as a team and then let teams work together when they partner.

5. Rules

You have Rules?

Yes, we are a social network and we need to have rules. It is no different than Twitter. You are expected to behave in a non-abusive way to the fellow users of Yatter.

What happens if I break these Rules?

We remove you from the platform. We have to protect the users of our platform from those who refuse to meet the agreed standards of conduct. If you consistently fail to meet those standards then you will be removed.

What happens then?

Providing your content meets the terms of the target social network, we let your queue post out. Your partners will be notified of the occurrence by email and requested not to invite you back on to the platform. Any further attempt to register on the platform will be blocked.

That’s pretty draconian?

We try to follow the example set by the main social networks. We consider ourselves to be a social network. We also have to meet the guidelines set down by their terms of service. It is also the case that many of the organisations on Yatter are involved in Digital Marketing and are impervious to low brow or abusive tactics. There is a fairly low tolerance level among the user base as they generally have a high level of expertise in at least spotting the techniques. This is not the platform to go spamming on.

What gets me banned then?

    • In all honesty, as a young platform, we are still finding our line in the sand. Any form of spamming partner offers, chats or invites will get you in trouble. Any form of automatically generated or bot driven content will be an instant ban. There is a question over what is said in chat between consenting adults and the appropriate nature of content itself. We hope to be an open system that is tolerant of all opinions and views. It’s fair to say that the even the large social networks struggle with this issue so please bear with us.

6. Release Schedule

What platforms will you support?

Currently we only support Twitter. We orginally offered scheduling services for Facebook and LinkedIn but to be brutally honest we would not suggest scheduling on these platforms. The penalty on reach is far too great.

What features will you be adding?

At this point none. Yatter was going to be a commercial offering but could never compete with the big platforms. We simply decided to give it away for free. Our users loved it for Twitter but we could never gain the access we needed to make it work on Facebook or LinkedIn.

What is the status on the current release?

Yatter is currently in fully functional on Twitter. It is being used by an ever-increasing user base.

7. Other

Who are you guys?

Our team is led by Richard Norman, an experienced software architect. Colin Adam leads up our marketing effort. You can check out our full organisation on LinkedIn. We are proud to be a LEAN startup based out of Glasgow, Scotland.