Schedule Your Social Media In The Future

Save time creating, sharing and interacting

1. First Thing's First

Connect your Twitter profiles

By connecting your Twitter profiles to Yatter you are able to manage your schedule from one place. Don't worry, we never read any information from your profiles other than statistics. Our platform is all about authoring great new original content for your Twitter feed.

Guide To Managing Profiles
2. Load Your Media

Store galleries that can be accessed anywhere

Yatter allows you to store galleries of images, videos and links before you need them that can be accessed anywhere and shared with your partners. It is ideal for collaboration and controlling how your brand is used - both inside and outside of your organisation.

Guide To Managing Media
3. A Content Community

Join the Community

Meet new Partners from your sector, local community or great causes to support. Get help and advice from those looking to support your content. Meet new people with shared interests and form global communities that can achieve goals.

Guide To Partnering
4. Let's Get Creative

Schedule Original Content

Experience a great new way to manage your Twitter calendar. Control who can see your content in advance and keep it private if you want. Speed up the creation process and benefit from our unique dual bar interface.

Guide to Scheduling Content
5. Manage Collaborations

Chat, collaborate and cross-promote social media efforts

Yatter is an online co-working space, community and content hub. Work with existing partners or find new, relevant content sources. Get helpful feedback from a friendly content focused community.

Guide to Partnering

Hey! Shared a gallery with promo material for next week’s event 😃

That’s great! I’ll schedule some tweets and drop them in here 😎

Thanks for your support on this one guys! 💪

No bother! Thanks for giving us a mention 🤩

6. Unique interactivity

Yatter is the only place where you can interact in advance

Schedule likes, retweets and replies in advance. Never miss a tweet from your favourite content creators and support their work in advance.

Guide to Scheduling
7. Manage Your Team

Add as many teammates as you like - for free!

We believe collaboration is at the heart of social media so we don't charge extra for extra team members. Effortlessly save drafts and approve content. Control which team members can post from which profiles within your organisation.

Guide to Managing Profiles

Yatter makes social media easier

Be inspired by partner content. Collaborate and get feedback. Balance your social media output in advance with original content, partner content and interaction.

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