Our History

Yatter is the brainchild of Richard Norman and came about due to a desire to control the launch of content. It has evolved into a strange mixture of social network and scheduling platform over the last two years.

Development occurred during the latter half of 2016 and throughout 2017 with the project finally welcoming its first beta users during the summer of that year. It has been a long road bringing this product to fruition but we hope that it establishes a new and vibrant community in the world of digital marketing.

The Philosophy

Our product and website are developed entirely in-house by the founders and the business is run on a strict LEAN philosophy. We are experts in our craft and seek to utilise our skills directly on our product rather than rely on significant investment and third party support.

We are very proud to be based in Glasgow, Scotland and are heavily involved in the Development, Digital and Penetration Testing communities in the city. Thanks for all the support.

Management Team

Richard Norman


Software Architect specialising in .NET C#, RavenDB Big Data NoSQL and AngularJS. Qualified CIMA Accountant and Digital Marketing Expert.

Colin Adam


Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer with extensive experience in a variety of online enterprises. Built this site.