Lucy McOuat is the Digital Content and Programme Executive at Young Enterprise Scotland. Lucy comes from a background in journalism, graduating from UWS in 2016. Young Enterprise Scotland is a registered charity that has been working to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise for over 40 years across Scotland.

Each year they work with more than 10,000 students across Scotland in a variety of inspiring enterprise and entrepreneurship programmes. Their programmes are suited for young people aged 5-30 across primary, secondary and tertiary educations, as well as in prisons, secure and residential units and with community groups.

YES are a team of passionate staff and committed volunteers who work hard to support the young people they engage with, assisting them to reach their full potential and provide a compelling enterprising experience to each one.

Lucy and Young Enterprise Scotland have been using Yatter for four months and are glad they made the move away from other social media schedulers. We sat down with Lucy to chat about her experience using Yatter and the issues charities like YES face with social media scheduling.

Why did you start using Yatter?

The Yatter team are based in Glasgow and we were intrigued by the concept of an interactive scheduling platform. Meeting them, getting their perspective on social media and going to training events was an important factor in making the move.Yatter is free forever for charities and we were previously using a company that limited the number of planned posts I could create. Yatter provides a better user experience than competitors, making it easier to schedule posts with an easily-followed interactive dashboard.

How much time does Yatter save you in a day?

Yatter’s user interface makes it much easier to schedule content quickly for all of my social media accounts and Yatter’s apps allow me to check on content as it goes out but also lets me double check the timings of my tweet to avoid clashes when live tweeting.

How does Yatter make your job easier?

Because Yatter is the only platform that allows interaction to be scheduled in advance, I feel a lot more confident posting to social media knowing there will be likes, retweets, comments and more importantly increased reach on my content. Yatter allows YES Supporters to see what we’re posting to social media a week in advance I know our keenest supports are guaranteed to see our message. This offers a much wider window than the social media platforms themselves.

How is Yatter helping you meet your goals?

Ultimately, the more interactions we get on social media the wider the reach of our post. By increasing awareness of what we do and how people can help we’re increasing traffic to our website and getting more people involved.


Colin Adam

Colin Adam

Colin is a co-founder and the Director of Marketing at Yatter.