Using Yatter to Support Charities and Good Causes

By 31st August 2017Company, Training

About Yatter

Yatter is a social media scheduling and collaboration platform. It’s the only social media collaboration platform – allowing businesses, charities and community groups a way to collaborate on content in advance. Yatter allows users to schedule likes, retweets and comments on each other’s content in advance as well as providing a way to share images, videos and links. Yatter is free forever for charities, communities and good causes and we allow those organizations to invite supporters on to the platform so they can create a community around their content. We also have an internal chat system to make collaboration even easier.

Advance access to content

Yatter is the only way to preview the content of charities, communities and good causes you support in advance. Social networks currently generate your News Feed (Facebook, LinkedIn) and your Timeline (Twitter) algorithmically. This means that most of the content published by the pages of the good causes you support goes unseen. Organic reach (the number of followers who see your content) is currently sitting at about 4% on average on Facebook. You’re missing out too much good content. By joining Yatter as a supporter you can see all the content that the good causes you support choose to share in advance, with a much larger window in which to view it and schedule some activity on.

Help Spread the Message

Because of the reduction in organic reach, causes you support need your help more than ever to get their message out. By activating a community of dedicated supporters, good causes can guarantee activity on their social media content and reach a much wider audience than if their content was published cold.

Takes Little to No Time

Scheduling likes, retweets and comments on the content of your favourite good causes couldn’t be easier. By logging on to Yatter once or twice a week for ten minutes you can see the content that the good cause is looking to share for the week and schedule your activity instantly. No additional effort required. The video below shows you how to find partners on Yatter and how to schedule activity on their content.

Get Free Access to a Social Media Scheduler

Supporter accounts on Yatter don’t just get early access to content – they get to schedule their own content too. The Supporter account has the lowest level of access to the platform but should be sufficient if you’re managing just a few social accounts. Supporting content helps you fill up your social schedule and allows you to maintain an active social media presence.If you like what you see and want greater limits then check out our plans page.


If a charity, community or good cause invites you onto Yatter to support their content it’s because you can really help them out. By using Yatter and guaranteeing early activity on their content charities can spread their message and save money on paying to promote posts. In addition to helping out on Yatter, you also get a free social media scheduler account and can schedule your posts until your heart’s content.

Statement by MCR Pathways

MCR Pathways has a monumental few months lying ahead. We’re delighted we’ll be working with Yatter over that time to ensure our campaigns reach an even wider audience.

With many more young people asking for our help in our new schools, MCR is launching a massive social and digital media campaign over the next few months. We need more motivated Glaswegians who can dedicate one hour a week to an inspiring young person. We need more committed partner organisations who can open their doors and spark aspirations through inspiration.

To spread awareness of our programme and to encourage people and businesses to get involved we’ll be sharing loads of content every week. From videos sharing our young people’s stories, to infographics informing people how to get involved, from graphics showing our impact to gifs of the Glaswegians who have supported us so far, we’ll be pushing as much emotional content as possible to reach the audiences that will make an incredible difference to our city’s most deserving.

Yatter could not have been more helpful in training us how to use their platform and advising on what content will work best.

We’re really looking forward to this campaign taking off and working closely with Yatter.


Colin Adam

Colin Adam

Colin is a co-founder and the Director of Marketing at Yatter.