Clare Marshall is the Queen Geek at The Marketing Geeks, an Edinburgh based marketing agency.

Clare has been using Yatter for a couple of months now and we decided to catch up with her to see how things are going.

Why did you start using Yatter?

Yatter really appealed to us as, as a small agency we manage the social media accounts of multiple SME’s and being able to have all of their content, schedules and interactions in one place really appealed to us! Yatter’s process is super easy and having used various scheduling methods in the past, there’s nothing else on the market that allows you to add unlimited users or have a draft content approval flow at this price level.

How much time does Yatter save you in a day?

We specialise in events management, and running events, as well as social media accounts for a number of clients in a variety of industries, means that we used to spend a considerable amount of time swapping between accounts and conversing via email and phone to make sure everything ran smoothly. Now using Yatter means that they can all be in one place and that we can access clients through the chat feature. to talk them through our progress.

Using Yatter means that the process flows much easier and reduces both our stress and the clients as they can see everything they need in an easy to read format!

Yatter also allows us to save links, media images and videos which can be uploaded to the Yatter gallery for use as and when we need them which saves time on uploading them individually and is fantastic for when we are working across multiple devices.

What does your typical day using Yatter look like?

Well, every day has to start with a nice cup of Breakfast tea and a biscuit (obviously) and then I’ll start by uploading any new images, videos and links that I’m going to use in my content or my client content that week. While that’s uploading I’ll have a look at my partner content and see what’s going on in that community. I’ll schedule in my posts for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (I tend to start with the longer content and clone across to Twitter as I always struggle to get my posts to within 140 characters!) and fill out the rest of my content calendar with interactions on ultra-fresh, relevant partner content.
We organise and attend a lot of events so if there are events that week I’ll chat with my partners and attach content directly into the chat to coordinate our social media calendars. Usually, I only need to allow a couple of hours a week and if I was just managing my own social media it would probably take around half an hour.

How is Yatter helping you meet your goals?

The Yatter platform allows us to have all of our clients content in one place, meaning that we can see at a glance if there are any gaps and make sure there is a constant stream of content going out, that the appropriate accounts can connect with likes and shares and that we can start building communities around our content. Having that peace of mind allows us more time to concentrate on content creation and gives us a more polished, professional look to our customers.

Using any new platform is a step out of your comfort zone and the team at Yatter know this and we have found them to be super helpful, being able to create a small content community away from the social media platforms themselves provides something of an oasis. It’s nice to find an environment where everyone is super supportive!

Would you recommend Yatter?

I already have! Any small business looking to manage their social media would benefit from being able to schedule and Yatter makes it super easy and efficient while keeping it at a price that small businesses can afford.


Colin Adam

Colin Adam

Colin is a co-founder and the Director of Marketing at Yatter.