Video Walkthrough: Signing Up To Yatter with Greg Friel

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At Yatter Social we’re proud of the product we’ve built, so we thought it would be helpful to prepare a short series of video walkthroughs with actual Yatter users. In the first of the series, we’re joined by local maestro Greg Friel as we demonstrate how to claim your free account on Yatter and get through the signup process. Thanks for all your help Greg. If you have any questions we’ll be happy to answer them in the comments below.

The transcript follows below:

Richard Norman: Hi I’m Richard Norman CEO of Yatter and I’m here today with Greg Friel to demonstrate how to sign up for Yatter.

Greg Friel: Sure happy to help out guys.

RN:: What I’d like you to do is click the signup button on the left hand side.

GF: Ok.

RN: Perfect.

RN: And what this will do is take you into our standard sign up form.

RN: The account on Yatter is completely free, if you want to start filling that in Greg.

RN: I think its just your email and standard details.

RN: An account on Yatter is free for 4 accounts for 4 social profiles.

RN: Again if you upgrade that will give you more capacity, but all the functions are there you are welcome to use everything within the platform at that free rate just to give yourself a try at it.

RN: So Greg’s just filling in the details very slowly and it should just be this is the only personal information we try to take off you, basically which is just your email address, name and we also ask for your organisation as well.

RN: Really Yatter is for businesses its not really a system for personal users really, it’s about trying to bring businesses together to help them manage their social media.

RN: So we ask for an organisation its not mandatory if you don’t have an organisation you can leave that blank.

GF: So this is just a password that is exclusive to Yatter.

RN: That’s right, that’ll give you an account on Yatter once you’ve finished this process and hit sign up.

RN: That’s the one. Ok fantastic, so you’ve now signed up for Yatter.

RN: Now one of the things do is we don’t let you come on the platform unless we’ve got at least one social media account from you.

RN: This helps us to verify you.

RN: And actually Yatter doesn’t make much sense without actually having at least one social profile on here.

RN: So you’ve got a choice here you can either use Twitter Facebook or LinkedIn. what do you fancy.

GF: Twitter.

RN: You’re gonna go for Twitter, ok.

RN: At this point here if you have any issues you can actually type into our support function below.

RN: And that will allow you to talk to our support and they can hopefully talk you through this if your are having any issues.

RN: We are now at this point gonna take you away from Yatter.

GF: Ok so does this take you away to Twitterland.

RN: That’s the way it works.

RN: The idea is that you go to Twitter, your gonna sign into Twitter so when never get to see your password we never get to see your details.

RN: Once you have authorise with Twitter to allow Yatter to use your account then we have the necessary rights.

RN: So to take this forward what you need to do is just click Twitter and this is now taken you out in Twitter.

RN: So can see the standard Twitter interface and if you just sign in using your normal login and password for here just to get authorisation.

RN: And it should also ask you a question whether or not you are happy about authorising.

RN: Its also a very similar process for Facebook and LinkedIn as well.

RN: Ok if you just authorise that’s you and you are returning back to Yatter.

RN: And Yatter should pick up your profile that you’ve just input, which is Greg.

RN: With an astoundingly handsome profile I should say.

RN: To authorise this account all you have to do is click the blue check box which is flashing at you.

RN: Excellent, ok.

RN: That is you now authorised your first account on Yatter.

RN: Congratulations you are now a user of Yatter.

GF: Thank you so much.

RN: Hopefully when it redirects we will get to see your dashboard.

GF: That was so simple.

RN: So this is our help and entry and it will hopefully give you some guidance and help files some ways and also it will ask you for notifications.

RN: If you want to be notified of anything that’s going on with Yatter.

GF: Ok.

RN: So click allow.

RN: You allow that and again all of these things should hopefully make reasonable sense.

RN: That was the introduction as to how to sign up for Yatter.

RN: My name is Richard Norman thanks for your time.


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