Video Walkthrough: Scheduling a Tweet with Samantha Marshall

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In this walkthrough we’re joined by Sam Marshall of Network Develop Succeed. Sam & Richard demonstrate how to schedule a tweet using Yatter. Hopefully this video shows how easy it is to get up and running managing your social media with Yatter.

Richard Norman: Welcome today, my name’s Richard Norman I’m the CEO of Yatter. I’m here with Sam Marshall who’s going to be showing a quick demonstration of how to schedule a Tweet with Yatter.

Sam Marshall: Hello everybody, okay where are we gonna start?

RN: So the first thing is, is to really understand the navigation at the top. So the two bars the two buttons right at the very top of the screen in the middle.

RN: The dual bars okay, click either of these bars. I’m clicking the left hand one. And so that should open up the bar on the left and if you try the same on the right hand side at the same time you can see that we can do the same on the other side okay.

RN: Okay. And they’re identical. They are identical you can do things at the same time if you want but generally we tend to work off one.

SM: Okay I’m left-handed so I’m gonna close the right hand bar okay.

RN: So select schedule a Tweet.

SM: I would like to schedule a Tweet, yep there we go okay.

RN: So this brings up a bar that should have all the details that you need to do a Tweet with. And you can see all the bits there that are mandatory by the ones that have this sort of warning icons next to them.

SM: Okay yeah.

RN: So what I would suggest is to click the first bar and start to fill in a Tweet.

SM: Okay, good morning Twitter land hope you are well.

RN: There you go. Fantastic and so the next thing you probably want to do is select which profile you’re gonna connect to use with this Tweet. So you can see that the dual bar really plays in here at this point. Well that’s quite good, so I go over here and select which one I want to throw it out on. That’s right if you just select the one you want to use.

SM: Okay I use Argyll Networking for now.

RN: And the last, the third mandatory item is obviously the time that you would like this Tweet to happen. So that’s the one, if you click that and then select a time date in the future.

SM: Well actually let’s um let’s schedule something for Friday.

RN: That sounds perfect.

SM: And I did say good morning so we’ll go for 10:15 because that sounds like a coffee break time. Can I just type in here.

RN: You can just select over the top and write the numbers in.

SM: That’s so much easier and save.

RN: And that’s the one.

SM: Okay.

RN: And so now that you’ve done and filled in all the mandatory items you can now finalize the Tweet at the top. Which I would suggest you do and that should schedule your Tweet on your account. And there you go, you can see that it has appeared inside your dashboard. You should also be able to see the Tweet if you select top left into the canvas menu.

SM: Is that hamburger.

RN: That’s the hamburger menu yeah.

SM: Okay.

RN: And select my schedule.

SM: My schedule, there we are.

RN: And this will show you all the content you’ve currently got scheduled in your queue.

SM: Oh superb, so I can make changes in here?

RN: You can, yip. And this again, if you select this on the right hand side it should give you a preview and allow you to edit it. Which will allow you to open up and either of the sidebars and continue to edit.

SM: And so I presume to edit, I hit this little pen here and so then I would I can edit again so it’s a double edit then into the Tweet and add in a hashtag.

RN: That’s it, now it’s probably what specifying some of the other things that we can do here. So obviously there’s a button here that allows you to insert a link and also to insert an existing tag and find tags to find people.

SM: Okay so if I hit insert link.

RN: First of all you can paste one in if you have one ready but yeah I think you’ve got some already.

SM: I have, I was just trying to think about if I could just grab one but I’ll use one of my existing links for now. Here we go. Let’s talk about cleaning up the beach because I’m all for environment.

RN: There we go perfect. Okay so you also need to select the shortener that will come into this.

SM: Right now my preference is Tinyurl does it matter?

RN: No it doesn’t, whatever one you want to use just click it and it should shorten it for you automatically.

SM: Yeah okay.

RN: And so that’s just showing you that how to insert a link into a Tweet. You can use tagging again using the button, I wouldn’t go over that at the moment.

SM: Okay.

RN: And if you scroll down there’s some other options that allow you to control how imaging and loading imaging from your media library and also a critical one here at the bottom which is your visibility. And this visibility defines how you’re seen on Yatter. So you’ve currently specified at this Tweet is public which means everybody that’s currently using Yatter will have a preview of this Tweet.

SM: Lovely, okay and that’s what I want.

RN: And so if you finalize your Tweet it should all be ready to go and that should conclude us demonstrating how to schedule a Tweet on Yatter.

SM: Thank you.

RN: Thanks for your time Sam.


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