A Guide to Using the Rule of Thirds on Social Media

Isn’t it common knowledge that the best things come in threes?

Rule of thirds on social media

Think about it! The Three Little Pigs, The Three Stooges, A nice three-piece suit (Don’t forget your waistcoat!), The Three Musketeers! The list goes on….Don’t things which come in threes tend to be funnier, more satisfying and more effective in comparison to two’s or fours? Well, let’s apply this rule to your social media!

It is all too easy for companies to share the same content day on day, week on week, month on month, year on year (you get the picture) and just aim for those added sales. The best way to make the most of the social media world is to follow three basic rules known as the ‘Rule of Thirds on Social Media.’ If you manage to follow these three simple rules, your online presence will thrive!

Using the Rule of Thirds on Social Media will make sure you are producing, syndicating and interacting with attractive and original content which does your business good and not harm. Having the right content not only looks good but can make your brand more approachable for customers and clients too.


So, what are the ‘Rule of thirds on social media’ exactly?

Rule Number 1:

Rule of thirds on social media rule one

1/3 of your posts should be original content relating to your business:

These posts can be sales minded with the intent of promoting your product or service across social media channels. This could simply be advertising a new item which you have for sale or a new service your company is now offering. Yoast SEO recently highlighted the importance of producing original content. It is pretty well known that people do not want to read ‘old news’. With an abundance of posts going through your social media feeds everyday, repeated content will be ignored and more often than not unfollowed by users. Instead of just posting about products and sales, offer customers insights into your brand and your perspective to make your company more human.  The Rule of Thirds on Social Media provides a strategy that will make your content stand out to your customers. Do this right and the content you have spent hours creating will be noticed by your network! It may even help to bring additional traffic to your pages.

 Rule Number 2:
Rule of thirds on social media rule 21/3 of your activity should be aimed at sharing content posted by others in your field:

The internet is known to be a customer service medium. This was made clear and simple by Paul Ford way back in 2007. What we can take from this is that content posted on social media should be ‘done with your readers’. This simply means collaborating with your audience and highlights that your posts and interactions online should be a two-way street! It’s not always about being ‘salesly’ and trying to make money, Sometimes its best to help out others in the industry and show that you are a team player.It does no harm to share other people’s professional opinions’ and show that you are on the ball. Does it really take up a lot of your time to reply to another user and help them with any problems? Maybe it will lead to them checking out your accounts and buying a service or product you offer.

Rule Number 3:
rule of thirds on social media rule 31/3 of your social media actions should be interaction:

Sharing is caring

Did your mum ever tell you that sharing was caring? Almost every child is told this throughout their adolescence on a regular basis. In order to build your brand, you need a large network of ‘friends’ to get your name out there! The most effective way to do this is to share another persons’ content. This will expand the network of your business and increase the activity of your social media accounts. Why not share an interesting article relating to your specialist industry? If the article is relevant and appropriate, your business will gain some exposure along with the expert your supporting. Seems like a simple way to get double exposure to us!

This could be as simple as personal interactions with customers in an attempt to build your brand. Why not comment on a customer’s Facebook post once in a while or ‘retweet’ one of their tweets on Twitter! Google believes that engaging with customers via social media is the right way to build your brand as per their online course Google Digital Garage. Participating in lively conversations will not only help grow your network but will also allow for consumers to begin to trust your brand. They will see an active company who are obviously very close to their customer base and therefore should have excellent levels of customer service.

Consumer trust = more sales.

How Yatter can help Implement the Rule of Thirds on Social Media-

It is key to make sure your content is original and this can be pretty time-consuming. Fortunately, this isn’t the case when using Yatter! Why plan all your posts minutes before and post them at random intervals when you have a social media scheduling platform which can do it for you. Simply sign up for a free account, schedule your posts in advance across multiple social accounts. It turns out you don’t have to take time out of your lunch break just to promote your business.
Yatter supports content scheduling on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook so everything can be done on a single platform.

Simply log into the app, select which account you want to post from and schedule a date and time!

Some Quick tips for implementing the Rule of Thirds on Social Media within Yatter:

No more typing out the same post multiple times. Save yourself some time and clone your posts straight into another social account with this handy feature.


Cloning posts and the rule of thirds on social media

Clone posts your posts for Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook


Are you unsure what posts you’ve remembered to schedule? Maybe you have already posted something similar recently? Use our handy dashboard feature to see all the content you scheduled to post and even scroll back to see what you’ve published in the past.

Yatter Dashboard and the rule of thirds on social media

Rule of thirds on Social media- Rule number 1 = Complete



Struggling to find the right content?

Use our handy ‘find content’ button to see what’s happening on the platform. Simply open up our Canvas menu and you’ll find the interesting content button just there!

interesting content and the rule of thirds on social media

Rule of thirds on Social media- Rule number 2 = Complete

Use the Social media Rule of Thirds to make an interactive account a happy account:

Interaction in real life is key to success. It makes you look sociable, interested and more engaged in what you do. Social Media is no different and this is something you should be doing on a regular basis to try and build your business or personal accounts.
Yatter, like no other, allows for users to schedule comments on all platforms before they go live! This is a handy tip as now you can be the first comment on a post and make sure your account is noticed.
Don’t want to seem to keen? Schedule the comment to post for whenever you like! Just set the timer and away you go! You can even send out a re-tweet or favourite and it works just the same!

Rule of thirds on Social media- Rule number 3= Complete

How can we help with the Rule of Thirds on Social Media?

At Yatter we want our users to get the most out of their social media experience and be the best they can be. This Is why we fully recommend using the Rule of Thirds on Social Media. To make things even better, all three rules are possible to fulfill on our social media scheduling platform. It easy for you to post original content from your social accounts, share other users posts before they go live and most importantly, build your brand with personal interaction, all on the one platform! We are simply allowing you to properly maintain the rule of thirds strategy without having to move from your seat! Do you know anyone else who can do that?

We have built Yatter to be a social media collaboration platform like no other!  We just want to share our journey and make your social media marketing manageable.




Matt Ross

Matt Ross

Matt is a marketing intern at Yatter, studying a degree in Marketing and Economics at Strathclyde Business School.