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In this walkthrough, Richard is joined by Greg Friel from Frielance Music. We look at Yatter’s unique feature: partnering. We also look at chatting with partners and using Yatter as the complete social media collaboration platform. By fostering partnerships on Yatter you can create communities, increase your reach and find people who you trust to help you out.

The transcript of the video follows below:

Richard Norman: Hi I’m Richard CEO of Yatter and I’m here today with Greg Friel to hopefully demonstrate the unique feature of Yatter which is partnering. Welcome Greg.

Greg Friel: Thanks very much Richard, so what’s partnering if it’s a unique feature to Yatter? It’s gonna be something I haven’t experienced before.

RN: It’s very different if you’ve used schedulers before and the idea behind Yatter is that you can partner with other people and gain a preview of their content. And that’s what we’re gonna do today, we’re gonna actually create a partnership with somebody else.

GF: All right okay cool.

RN: So I’m gonna ask you to take control of the mouse and if you move to the top of the screen to the dual bar buttons at the top.

GF: Yep.

RN: And open one of the buttons, there we go and this has opened the bar on the left. And what you need to do now is select find new partners. Perfect, and this will bring up a list of all the partners that are available and today. We’ve set something up already with a friend so we’re gonna ask you to search for the word contact.

RN: Superb, that’s you and thankfully Alans come up first on that list and so now what I’m gonna ask you to do is to select the add partner offer partnership button. Which is there and this will open another bar on the other side of the interface and this is you actually in the process of making Alan an offer.

RN: So you can fill in the introduction section if you want, if you want to put a nice message in there to introduce yourself but it’s not mandatory and so all you have to do is click the offer button.

GF: Okay.

RN: Fantastic and now you have made an offer of partnership to Alan. Now in true style we have obviously prearranged this so Alan is currently in the process of accepting that partnership which I’m hoping should be done fairly quickly. And now what you should be able to do and you should be able to see it should say that Alan has accepted your partnership at the bottom. If you go to the top left into the canvas menu which is the burger menu at the top on the left.

GF: Would that be here?

RN: That’s one and if you select my partners.

GF: Yep.

RN: There we go perfect, now what you should see is Alan is now your partner.

GF: I see.

RN: So what the last thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna open a chat with Alan because now that you’ve become partners you can actually chat through Yatter with each other. And so if you click the button on the left hand side of the brick this will start a chat. And this is an opportunity just to give the chat a title may be an introduction message so if you want to just say something as a title just as a test or.

GF: Yep.

RN: That’s ideal and then start the conversation at the bottom. We’re gonna have an intro chat, it’s fine you can just say hello it’s fine. This bit isn’t mandatory.

GF: Okay so I can just say hi there.

RN: That’s perfect and then select start conversation.

GF: I see.

RN: And what this does is it should start a conversation with Alan and this has happened and you should see your chat. Now hopefully Alan at this point is gonna respond and actually say something back there we go.

GF: Okay.

RN: So Alan has now managed to respond to that chat and what you can do in this chat is actually talk about content, you can drop content in and also you can control the phone notifications on the right-hand side. The four buttons on the right-hand side of the chat control how people are notified within the chat.

GF: I can share pictures or other content or video to Alan so that he can then share that content.

RN: That’s the idea really this is a great place where you and other people and other organizations can actually have a very open conversation about the type of content that you’re doing. And also to schedule interaction and to actually work on each other’s content.

GF: Right I see.

RN: So we hope it’s a fairly open and shared area but we have to stress it is very open for people there may be a number of people talking and these and these chats and it isn’t certainly a private chat.

GF: So this isn’t just an exclusive chat between me and Alan?

RN: So it’s between your organization’s so the idea is that if you have five employees and Alan has ten employees potentially there are 15 people that are going to see this chat.

GF: Right.

RN: And it’s a way where by two organizations can actually arrange their content and everybody then that’s involved in that process can see what’s going on.

GF: Right okay.

RN: That’s the idea but it’s quite a unique chat feature and our partnering as well is quite unique and because you’ve now partnered with Alan you should now have a preview of all the Alans content and be able to see it in the future.

GF: Right I see.

RN: Okay well thank you very much Greg for taking this time to have a play with someone of our partnering features.

GF: Sure you’re very welcome thank you.

RN: We hope you enjoy using the system.

GF: Brilliant thank you.


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