My internship at Yatter


Doing an internship abroad is an amazing experience!

I’m glad I decided to work at an internship abroad because it was not only a great cultural insight but I also learnt so much during the short time that I was here in Glasgow, Scotland at “Yatter”.
Of course, it is not that simple to work in a new environment, with new people, new tasks and especially in a different language. But I gained a lot of great experiences and I was able to develop my skills in various fields.

The people at Yatter were really supportive and taught me a lot that I can apply at my company back in Germany.

The importance of Networking

Given the start-up nature of the company, they should be present at events to establish various connections with diverse business partners. During my time at Yatter, I was permitted to visit a couple of networking events together with the head of the start-up.

At such a networking event you are responsible for selling your product or your service. You try to make it look attractive to the people you are talking with and give your so-called ‘pitch’ to the other business people. Of course, it’s also very important and just friendly to show interest and pay attention to your conversation partners and their product or service. I’ve never been to something like that before but it was very exciting to see how it works, to get to know to various people and so on. I learnt that networking is essential in a good marketing strategy and that relations to all different kind of people are very helpful in this business.

I’ve never been to something like that before but it was very exciting to see how it works, to get to know to various people and so on. I learnt that networking is essential in a good marketing strategy and that relations to all different kind of people are very helpful in this business.

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Web design fundamentals

A good looking website is among the many things necessary for the success of a company because that’s what the users use and see daily. So, I learnt that the first impression should be good and convincing! Another employee showed me how to build a website as we needed to create a new landing page for our own website anyway. We came up with ideas for language and layout and looked for attractive stock photography. After we researched the websites of other companies which ran affiliate schemes etc. we went on to design the page: We integrated the images and wrote some short explanations for our users. In the end, we had a very nice new landing page for our affiliates scheme.

Short lessons about digital marketing.

My co-workers often gave me lessons about how social media platforms work, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Digital marketing generally was one of the main topics they taught me about. They explained and illustrated the important factors in an obvious way to me so I was able to understand them easily.Even if there was still some misunderstanding or uncertainty I could ask them about it at any time again. Additionally, I spent time reading the Yatter blog and learning about digital marketing there.

Scheduling posts for social media

Because obviously, that’s what our application basically does, I also had to schedule some posts for Yatter on Facebook and Twitter.

First of all, I was responsible for looking for either some good articles on our website or some other interesting things. Then I had to write a short post (about the article for instance), add the link or an image and finally, I chose the date and time when the post should go online. Getting to grips with how a social media calendar was filled was very interesting!

The fundamentals of writing a blog

Additionally, I was accountable to write a blog right at the outset. It was a very good task to get an initial impression of blogging, how to use WordPress, how to markup an article and how to write for SEO.

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Creating professional graphics for the internet

One of the things I focused on most was graphic design with Adobe Creative Cloud and I’m absolutely delighted that I learnt so much about Photoshop and Illustrator. My co-worker explained it to me in person but I also watched some nice and helpful tutorials. I experimented a lot with the programmes and got to know them better day by day.

After my training, I was responsible for creating a couple of infographics for our website. I also wrote a blog about how to design an infographic. This involved coming up with some ideas and good copy, looking up some suitable images and eventually combining all those component parts into one clear infographic. In addition, I had to transform the size of already existing images, so they would fit into a Facebook post. As well as design, layout and typography I learned about the importance of optimising images for the web so that the loaded quickly and didn’t inconvenience any users.

During my creative work with those two programs, I noticed that I really am into design and all that kind of creative working. I absolutely learned a lot about photoshop and designing during these 3 weeks. I hope I can apply my gained skills and experiences in Germany too and maybe I can continue with some creative work at my German company as well.

I also wrote a post about my process for making infographics, I hope that some people will find it useful!


both infographics



Good decision!

As I already mentioned on top of my blog I’m very pleased that I decided to do an internship abroad. Not only because of the cultural insight and my gained skills, but also because of the company itself. I really like their application and the idea behind it.
Scheduling posts on different social media platforms obviously saves a lot of time and allows you to post something even if you’re too busy to be doing social media. But Yatter also lets you schedule interaction with other users. That means that you can see your partners content already before they have actually posted it. And what’s more important is that you can even schedule a like, comment or a retweet on their content. Furthermore, you can chat with your partners and share some content, links etc. with them through the application. In addition, you are able to upload and save images and links in your galleries in the app and that absolutely saves a lot of time!

I think it really was beneficial that the people at “Yatter” were so friendly and supportive. They taught me a lot of helpful things, were sympathetic all the time, made me feel comfortable and offered me a wonderful work experience in Scotland!

So finally, all that’s left to say is: Thank you, Yatter, for this internship and working experience!

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Kathleen Happel

Kathleen Happel

Kathleen interned at Yatter in Summer 2017, coming from Frankfurt, Germany. She specialised in graphic design, creating templates for social media imagery and infographics.