A timeline of MCR Pathways starting in St. Andrews school in 2007.How Yatter Helped Ensure Greater Social Media Reach For MCR Pathways

Deborah Quinn is the Marketing Manager of MCR Pathways.

MCR Pathways is a school-based mentoring programme supporting those in or on the edges of the care system to realise their full potential through education. We currently support over 900 young people aged between 12 and 18 across Glasgow to find, grow and use their talents and skills.

Our Young Glasgow Talent programme is currently embedded across 20 Glasgow secondaries and will be in all 30 by January 2018. We have a national ambition with commitments now in place to open up in five other local authority areas.

Our vision is that disadvantaged young people will have the same educational outcomes, career opportunities and life chances as any other young person.

The aim of our website and social media is to share the inspiring stories of our young people, mentors and partners. To encourage more Glaswegians to get involved and change a young person’s life for the better.

2017 is a special year for MCR Pathways, as we celebrate 10 years of MCR. 10 years of transforming the education outcomes, career opportunities and life chances of Glasgow’s care experienced young people. This year, Glasgow City Council announced that our programme has transformed so many young lives, it wants to see MCR’s programme embedded in every secondary in the city. To ensure every young person gets the support they need and deserve.

10 years of MCR would not have been possible without the support of dedicated Glaswegians and organisations who go above and beyond for our city’s most vulnerable. It was very fitting that in September, MCR won the People Make Glasgow Award. Recognition for the efforts of all our mentors, partners and supporters to change so many young lives for the better.

Deborah and MCR Pathways have been using Yatter for 6 months and are glad they made the move away from other social media schedulers. We sat down with Deborah to chat about her experience using Yatter and the issues charities like MCR face with social media scheduling.

Why did you start using Yatter?

Thanks to the support of our filming and editing partners Bees Nees and Filtr, MCR had all of the components of a campaign that could inspire the whole city of Glasgow. We had almost 100 films, social media clips, GIFs and images that show the incredible power of mentoring. Our young people shared how they felt it was almost over for them, how they felt disillusioned and left out, until they had the support of their MCR mentor.

We wanted to use a platform that could share this in a powerful way. That we could schedule our content easily and that our network and other networks could easily engage and share.

The Yatter team are based in Glasgow and we were intrigued by a local startup who were taking the concept of scheduling to another level. By scheduling with your own and other networks.

The Yatter team have always been happy to help MCR, with our Yatter set-up and scheduling and more! We’ve recently built a new website and we’ve been grateful for Yatter’s digital experience offering additional suggestions and feedback. We’ve also recently completed our registration for free Google Adwords for charities, which the Yatter team have been helpful in offering assistance with.

As a charity, it’s important that organisations like Yatter are free forever for charities.

I also genuinely find the user experience with Yatter much better than other providers. The layout is really clean and it’s easy to see what I have coming up for the week ahead. I find the ‘tagging’ option on Yatter quicker and smarter than Twitter itself.

How much time does Yatter save you in a day?

Yatter’s user interface makes it much easier to schedule content quickly. With MCR having so much campaign content recently come through from our filming and editing company, I could dedicate enough time to uploading that to my Yatter Gallery.

Then, when I had created the post content to accompany each campaign piece, I could quickly go into the Gallery and schedule that entire campaign much quicker than I otherwise could have.

How does Yatter make your job easier?

As mentioned above, the Gallery is a fantastic feature of Yatter. It means I can easily store and access everything from 15 minute videos, to small jpegs. The folders facility means I can have loads of content that can be found quickly as well.

The Gallery feature also opens the possibility for MCR’s many partners to be able to quickly access and download images that we permit them to use for their own press releases, blogs and social media posts.

For partners and supporters to see, like, retweet and comment ensures greater reach of our posts than would otherwise be possible. This offers a much wider window than the social media platforms themselves.

How is Yatter helping you meet your goals?

Ultimately, the more interactions we get on social media, the wider the reach of our posts. The more people who see our young people and mentors inspiring stories, the more people that will get involved and support our city’s most vulnerable youngsters.

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Colin Adam

Colin Adam

Colin is a co-founder and the Director of Marketing at Yatter.