Craig McFarlane is a branding and communications expert based in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a self-employed branding designer, leads the collective Infinity Potato in providing social media management and design for the third sector and runs the ethical clothing brand ClydeBuilt.

Craig has been using Yatter since the summer of 2017 to manage social media campaigns for a variety of charities, social enterprises and small businesses. We sat down to chat with him to find out what he’s getting from Yatter.

Why did you start using Yatter?

I’ve been using social schedulers for a while to post regular content for Infinity Potato’s clients. I’d found the experience quite sterile, very functional and not a lot else. I discovered Yatter through our client Taylor Nisbet. They work with charities and social enterprises and had received a free account as part of Yatter’s free for charities and good causes approach.

I gave it a try and managed their Twitter account through Yatter for a few months. I initially used it in much the same way I had the schedulers I was using on other accounts. It’s only when I started to interact with partner content that I saw the benefit of Yatter. I now run the majority of our client’s accounts through Yatter. I use it to develop relationships with organisations and share more relevant content with our audiences.

How much time does Yatter save you in a day?

Running multiple accounts can take a lot of time, especially if you’re interacting with people and having conversations online. Previously this would be a daily task scouring through partner accounts hoping to catch the good bits. This was a pain, especially on Twitter where content comes and goes so quickly. Now I can spend a few hours once a week setting up interactions and I know I won’t miss the good bits. Our clients see the benefit as it’s their relationships we’re developing.

How is Yatter helping you meet your goals?

Good social accounts promote themselves, share information their audience would like to see and interact with other people. Yatter is the only scheduler that allows me to do everything in one place.

I schedule content for our clients, share content from like-minded organisations and interact with partners all through Yatter. I can partner with organisations in our client’s target audiences and help them develop relationships with people they want to get to know. I want a tool that helps our clients reach their goals, the interaction I can do on Yatter does that in a way other schedulers just can’t.

Would you recommend Yatter?


As its user numbers grow it’s becoming a way to guarantee that supporters see what we’re posting. Charities and social enterprises build positive networks around themselves, Yatter takes that network online and puts it in once place. When managing multiple accounts scheduling interaction saves me time and lets me show our partners that we want to see them do well.

I recommend Yatter to organisations like Infinity Potato whenever I can. It’s excellent value for money and has incredibly useful features that the competition simply don’t have.


Colin Adam

Colin Adam

Colin is a co-founder and the Director of Marketing at Yatter.