Important Service Changes

Important Service Changes

From the 31st of July 2018, Yatter is dropping support for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Yatter will continue but as a Twitter-only platform.

Due to this reduction in basic functionality, we felt that Yatter could no longer compete as a paid service and so we have decided to give it away completely for free.


Over the last 18 months, there have been significant changes to the access that Facebook have allowed to their electronic API. On the 1st of August 2018 they will restrict access once again and this time we have decided not to maintain our connection.

These changes affect not just us but everyone that uses an API to access Facebook. Personal posting is being removed entirely and everyone with advanced access rights to the API is being asked to redo the authentication process, at the same time. The short notice we have been given to make these changes, coupled with the increasing rapidity and regularity of alterations has been difficult to keep up with. It is safe to say we have had enough.

As well as Facebook, the LinkedIn API has significant issues with it regarding image posting and the way that content is formatted. Further changes are expected to LinkedIn in the future and a decision was taken that if we are dropping support for Facebook then we should do the same with LinkedIn.

We have been aware of significant penalties to both Facebook and LinkedIn posts through an API and we cannot now genuinely say to our users that scheduling on these platforms brings them any benefit.

Twitter is still very much supported by Yatter and none of these issues affects it. We are fully functional on Twitter and always have been. Twitter is by far the busiest platform on Yatter and many people find it genuinely useful. Likewise, we do not see any obvious penalty from API scheduling a tweet.

In all honesty, Twitter has always been the mainstay of Yatter. The open nature of the Twitter platform coupled with an integration savvy community has meant that Twitter users have always been our most active and understanding.

The Future

It is our intention to continue Yatter but as a Twitter-only service. As this is a fundamental change in our offering we felt we could not continue to charge a fee. Yatter is already operational and rather than simply remove it we hope that some people get some benefit from it.

Since we are no longer a commercial entity we will have to scale back some of the support elements we provide as we transition from a paid service to freeware. New users will have to figure it out for themselves.

We hope you continue to use Yatter for Twitter. The platform is very stable, and we will have no trouble keeping it running indefinitely.

Thank you for all your support during our inception. We are very proud of the platform we have built, and hope Twitter users continue to get benefit from it.

Refund for Founders

If you have purchased a paid account and wish a refund please get in touch with us at and we will arrange full repayment. Your account will remain valid but will now only work with Twitter.


Richard Norman

Richard Norman

Richard is the Technical Lead and Co-Founder of Yatter. He is an experienced software architect and possesses a deep understanding of the underlying structure and design of a social network. Well we hope he does because he designed Yatter. His articles tend to have a technical slant and he also has a passion for long form content and SEO. Richard is also a qualified accountant.