Guide to signing up and connecting to Yatter

By 18th January 2018Guides
getting started with yatter

This guide will show you how to sign up to Yatter, add social media accounts and get going on our platform. Click on the topic below that you need help with to view a handy guide.

Signing Up

Signup details screenshot
An Email Address
A Name
The Name of your Company
A Password

Here is the initial signup form for Yatter. To signup you will need to provide:

  1.  An Email Address
  2.  A Name
  3. The Name of Your Company (if you are a freelancer we recommend using your full name)
  4. A Password


Connecting a Twitter Account

Twitter will ask you to login. This shows Twitter that you are giving Yatter the ability to send tweets on your behalf.

The next stage of connecting your Twitter account is authorising the profile. Once you have authorised your Twitter profile, your Twitter account will appear on the Yatter dashboard.

Once you’ve returned to Yatter you’ll be asked to confirm the details of the account you’ve added.


Chris Carson

Chris Carson

Chris is a photographer and web developer who specialises in Wordpress and astronomical phenomena. He has helped out extensively with our guides and is also involved with Glasgow Subway Stories.