Yatter is now closed for business

Once Yatter allowed you to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Unfortunately it is no more.

Yatter is now closed

After 3 years of ongoing development we have decided to close the Yatter platform. Changes to API access on the social media platforms convinced us that Yatter was never going to be profitable or sustainable so we took the difficult decision to close.

In the end the simple fact is that social media scheduling is less popular with the platforms penalising posts. Ultimately the business and market has shifted at a fundamental level.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us in the past.

So long, farewell.....

Yatter was only possible due to the help and comittment by a whole range of people. If you came and helped out thanks for the support. We hope you learned something in the process as we certainly did.

We are leaving some old articles up on the site for posterity. Nothing on this site is still live or maintained.

No longer available for any of your devices.